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Automatic Side Loading Carton Case Packer Machine

Side Loading Case packer, is a packaging machine that used in businesses to fill cases with boxed products by side loading. If you need to pack products quickly, a case packer is definitely something that your business should consider.The more products that you can ship out, the faster that you can get paid.


Packing Speed0-12 cases/min
Packing Dimensions (L×W×H)(250-550)×(150-400)×(150-400)mm
Applicabel TapeW48/60mm×L100m
Air Pressure0.6-0.8 Mpa
Power4.5kw 50/60Hz 220/380v
Control SystemSiemens
Machine Size (L×W×H)3400×2000×1900 mm

  •   Product Desription  

Automatic Side Loading Carton Case Packer Machine is a fully automatic case packing equipment specially designed for boxed products. The side-push case packer is suitable for the packing of regular products such as cigarette boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes, plastic boxes, playing cards, etc. It can realize the layered arrangement and combination of products; Guarantee the smooth progress of packing, without the worry of box blocking.

The front end of this equipment can be linked with shrink wrapping machine, high-speed labeling machines, or overwrapping machine. carton sealer and robot palletizer at the rear are linked to form an automatic secondary packaging production line; this machine calculates the products through the counting software in the early stage, and then arranges the products according to a certain stacking format, and then the product stack is pushed into carton from side and outputs it to the next station, and the packing is completed at this time.

This boxed product case packer machine is especially suitable for automatic packing of for Cookie, biscuits, medicine, food, daily chemicals, health products, electronics, tea, cosmetics and other industries. The packaging material can be boxed products with square shapes such as cartons and plastic boxes, with a processing capacity of 5-12 Cases (bags)/min.

Name:Side Loading Carton Case Packer MachineAutomation:Automatic
Speed:0-12 Cases/minAvailable Carton Size:(250-550)×(150-400)×(150-400)mm
Available Product:Boxed Product, BagsStructure:All-in-one, Compact Type
Loading Type:Side-load, Side PushSealing Type:Tape Or Hot Melt Glue
Voltage:220/380vApplication:Food, Phama medicine, Cosmetics beverage, tobacco, daily chemical, electronics etc.



  •   Function & Features  

- Economical pharmacy packing machine for small batch packaging.

- High efficiency side-loading technology.

- GMP compliant balcony packer.

- Small caster design and compact structure.

- High flexibility: can be applied to a variety of different specifications of packaging.

- High accuracy: product handling and stacking at the highest pharmaceutical safety level.

- High reliability: special box grabbing technology.

- Intelligent synchronous servo technology ensures stable unpacking.

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