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Automatic Sleeve Type Shrink Wrapping Machine

  Automatic sleeve shrink wrapping machine is widely used for different fields shrink wrapping to make product more easy to transport

Sealing knife size670mm
Working Temperature0-300
Shrink machine power22kw
cutting and sealing machine power1.8kw
Working table height820±50mm
Packing speed8-12 bunches/min
Shrinking film thickness0.03-0.18mm
Loading weight35kg
Shrinking rate45-65% for horizontal, 35-55% for vertical
Voltage3 phase 380V 50Hz
Air source6-8kg/cm²
Cutting and sealing machine weight520kg
Shrink machine weight565kg
Suitable filmPE

Packing Effect



- XQ-6030 adopts imported motor for more stable propulsion and sealing;

- Specially designed sealing knife makes solid sealing line, no cracking and anti-adhesion;

- Use of imported electrical components to reduce the use of the process of failure;

- Hidden motor device, greatly increased the convenience of operation.

Press device at the back end, to ensure that light packaging items will not move;

- Front fixer adjustable, can pack different shapes of products;

- SF-6040E adopts double wind motor, so that the hot air in the furnace can spread more evenly and the effect after contraction is beautiful.

- The use of solid steel bar by imported silicone tube, chain transport, silicone durable;

Among them, SF-6040E can increase the function of density axis, which is designed for products with small packaging volume.

- Transmission using frequency converter to control the transmission speed, stepless speed regulation;

- XQ-6030 + SF-6040E is a kind of economical machine of XQ series sleeve heat shrink packing machine.

Simple operation.

Just press the button, the machine automatically seals, and then the product goes into the heat-shrinkable packaging machine.

PE shrink film is mainly used in this machine.

- Widely used in drinks, daily chemicals, building materials, food cartons or trays and other paperless can also be used for household appliances, auto parts, furniture, floor and other single or multiple combination of sealing, cutting and shrinking packaging.



Film wrapped inside and standard export carton packing outside.



30 working days after confirming order and receive the deposit.

specific delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.


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