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Automatic Servo Capping Machine for Press-type Cap

Main Functions and Characteristics◆Realize closed-loop control in the whole capping process by servo motor and program;◆Capping torque of different specifications can be set in HMI;◆Because of t


Main Functions and Characteristics

Realize closed-loop control in the whole capping process by servo motor and program;

◆Capping torque of different specifications can be set in HMI;

◆Because of the precise and flexible control of the motion drive module and program, try to eliminate the influence of the inertia of the screw head and the deviation of parts;

◆Capping process without cover, crooked cover, high cover detection using visual way, at the same time equipment with unqualified products out of function;

◆By selecting the main motor with brake control spindle shutdown state can not rotate;

◆Equipped with photoelectric switch to detect bottle, bottle, can automatically identify the capping position; Automatic cover management, automatic grab cover, and automatic capping;

◆Can be suitable for pump cover products, can also be suitable for round cover products, capping head gripper adopts three-claw structure, capping friction strip wear replacement is convenient and quick;

◆Modular, fast production change, easy to operate without or less tools, production change and debugging time ≤30min, all specifications of production change parts to make clear marks;

◆The system has a self-diagnosis function, can diagnose the sensor, system internal (CPU, storage, display, etc.) fault, give alarm instructions;

◆Bottle parameters can be stored, after the change can be quickly set working parameters;

◆The system is set with protection level to prevent artificial modification; When the system operation failure, the system can automatically alarm and stop;

Packing & Shipping


Film wrapped inside and standard export carton packing outside.



30 working days after confirming order and receiving the deposit.

Specific delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.


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