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Where is the market advantage of shrink wrapping machine?

Shrink wrapping machine has fast sealing and cutting speed and relatively fine sealing line, improve the packaging speed. The sealing cutter is made of high temperature resistant aluminum alloy and will not adhere to PVC and POF film materials during cutting and sealing. It also uses a touch screen for control, saving time and effort. After the process is complete, the overall effect will be clear and beautiful.

Shrink wrapping machine is a highly automated equipment widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage and household chemicals. Heat shrink packaging machine can greatly reduce the use of box packaging materials and labor costs.

Market advantage of heat shrink packaging machine

Beer industry: color film heat shrinkable packaging to improve product grade, promote sales

  1. Diversified packaging forms are conducive to sales promotion.

  2. Heat shrinkable packaging has the flexibility to suit different specifications, especially the product cluster packaging of small specifications. Smaller packs of beer are increasingly popular with consumers because they offer greater flexibility and are easier to carry around. With the increasing market demand for small size cluster beer packaging, thermal shrinkage packaging will have a greater space for development.


Beverage industry: 30% cheaper than carton packaging

Domestic early use of heat shrinkable packaging form of enterprises, with heat shrinkable carton replacement, the cost can be reduced by at least 30%. This is the most important reason why heat shrinkage technology appeals to the beverage industry. China's packaging industry has a wide range of space. In this industry will face new ━ round of structural adjustment, technology upgrading and product replacement, domestic companies need to develop their own companies, and through independent innovation and thorough digestion to enhance competitiveness. Improve the industrial structure, optimize the market competition environment, and achieve differentiated development. In the process of developing heat shrinkable film packaging machine, the realization of technical attainments is still of great help to the future development of domestic packaging industry.