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The Advantages of Overwrapping Machine

The Advantages of Overwrapping Machine


With the development of industrial science and technology, packaging machine technology gradually innovation and development, pillow packaging machine, bag packaging machine, transparent film automatic packaging machine, overwrapping machine and other packaging machine technology gradually into industrial production, all kinds of packaging machine technology has its own advantages. So where is the advantage of overwrapping machine?



1. Save energy, reduce packaging consumables, and lower cost.
Using overwrapping machine for packaging products, can save energy, can reduce the consumption of packaging consumables, can make use of resources, can save costs, and has good moisture characteristics, as well as waterproof function. Compared with other packaging machinery, the most important thing is that the packaging effect has been greatly guaranteed! Neat edges, neat appearance. Overwrapping machine save human material and the characteristic of the investment cost is low, become a lot of enterprises to choose the first choice of packaging equipment, in particular the fledgling small businesses, because most of medium and small business development of packaging products are small cost, small products, which makes the application of overwrapping machine and the presence of values are well reflected.


2. Advanced technology

Now the overwrapping machine has adopted the cold sealing technology, so that the goods waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-infection, drugs, heat-sensitive products have no impact. Development to the present era, a new overwrapping machine is fully automatic, feeding, packet, cutting, transporting, all done automatically, without manual operation, improve the efficiency of the enterprise production, reduce labor costs and long-term scientific development for the enterprise to provide strong technical support, now the development of various overwrapping  machine in the packaging industry, also trusted by many enterprises. And the full automatic special plus function also increases the automatic feeding, stacking, packaging, heat sealing, finishing, counting and other advantages. Electrical control system to programmable controller PLC as the center, to ensure that the equipment running stable and reliable, stable performance. Automatic zero setting, reset function, the equipment is humanized and intelligent. It is easier to use, operate, maintain and repair. Replacement of a small number of parts can be packed with different specifications (size, short, narrow) box packaging, solid product.


3. Features

Overwrapping machine in small packaging has many characteristics, such as speed, good quality, and so on, which makes the overwrapping machine in the medium and small enterprises where it is used, is simple, vivid, the feasibility is high. Overwrapping machine is widly used in the packaging industry, such as medical, food, cosmetics, health care, and tea, and so on many professions, occupy the important position, In the rising office supplies and the rapid development of electronic appliances, overwrapping machine can also play a significant packaging advantage.


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