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Intelligent diversification is the inevitable trend of food packaging machinery

With the development of science and technology, intelligence has become the blue ocean of market development. As a sunrise industry, as long as it is related to smart industries, they have obtained huge packaging. Now that the incidence of food safety incidents remains high, smart packaging has also become the focus of the development of the packaging industry. Affected by some factors, the development of smart packaging in China is still in its infancy, and a strong market impetus is needed to help its development. Smart packaging means that people have added more new technical components to the packaging through innovative thinking, so that it not only has the basic functions of general packaging, but also has some special properties.


The special properties of these packages can meet the special requirements of commodities and special environmental conditions. At present, it mainly refers to the packaging technology that adopts mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical properties. The smart packaging market continues to expand. At present, the domestic food safety situation is very severe and has reached an imminent level. Therefore, we urgently need to improve the intelligence of packaging and maximize the use of various means to ensure food safety. Smart packaging is a powerful measure to ensure food safety, and it needs to be developed urgently.


Smart packaging has received enough attention and development in developed countries, but in China, the research and development of smart packaging and its application in various fields are still in its infancy. But he also pointed out that from another point of view, although my country's smart packaging application still lags behind developed countries, my country's smart packaging market has vast profit margins waiting to be tapped.


Generally, foreign countries only use the temperature-time history record mark (TTI), the microbial growth indicator mark (MGI) in the packaged food, the photochromic indicator mark, the physical shock mark, the leakage, the microbial contamination mark, and the radio frequency tag (RFID). , DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) labels, etc. are defined as smart packaging; while modified atmosphere packaging, antibacterial packaging, vinyl adsorption packaging, oxygen-absorbing packaging, self-heating/self-cooling packaging, odor adsorption packaging, aromatic release packaging, moisture absorption Packaging etc. are defined as functional packaging.


At present, the market trend of packaging machinery automation has emerged, but single-machine automation products can no longer meet the needs of users. Users need networking functions between multiple packaging machinery to better meet modern requirements such as connecting ERP and MES, and then achieve High output and high utilization rate of machinery and equipment are required.

At present, industrial robots, microelectronics, computers, intelligent and image sensing technologies will also be more and more widely used, prompting the packaging machinery to become more automated and networked. Therefore, in the future development, only the use of advanced technology in the food packaging industry can enhance its competitiveness and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, various industries have put forward new requirements for packaging technology and packaging equipment, and packaging machinery and equipment are playing an increasing role in the circulation field. At present, the competition of packaging equipment is becoming increasingly fierce, and highly automated, intelligent, multi-functional, high-efficiency, and low-consumption packaging equipment is increasingly favored by the industry.