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The types of case packer


Case packers are packaging machines used for packing products into cases or boxes. These machines are widely used in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. There are several types of case packers available in the market, each designed for specific packaging requirements. In this article, we will introduce some of the most popular types of case packers and their key features.


Automatic Case Packer

Automatic case packers are designed for high-speed and continuous packaging operations. These machines are equipped with advanced automation technology such as robotic arms and conveyor systems that can handle various sizes and shapes of products.


Robotic Case Packer

Robotic case packers are another type of automated case packing machines. These machines use robotic arms to pick and place products into cases or boxes. Robotic case packers are ideal for packaging products with irregular shapes or sizes. These machines offer high flexibility and can handle multiple products and pack patterns.


Pick and Place Case Packer

Pick and place case packers, also called vertical case packer, or top load case packer,  are designed for precise and accurate product placement. These machines use a pick and place mechanism to pick products from a conveyor and place them into cases or boxes. Pick and place case packers are suitable for packaging fragile or delicate products such as glass bottles and jars.


End-of-Line Case Packer

End-of-line case packers are used to pack products at the end of the packaging line, which also see as Split type Carton Case packing system line. These machines are usually integrated with other packaging machines such as cartoners and form-fill-seal machines. End-of-line case packers are designed to handle various types of products and pack patterns. These machines can also be customized to meet specific packaging requirements.


Case Erector and Packer

Case erector and packer machines are designed for both case erection and product packing, such as Automatic Side Loading Carton Case Packer Machine. These machines can automatically erect and form boxes or cases before packing products into them. Case erector and packer machines are suitable for industries with high-speed packaging requirements.




In conclusion, case packers are essential packaging machines for various industries. Different types of case packers are designed to meet specific packaging requirements. Automatic case packers, robotic case packers, pick and place case packers, end-of-line case packers, and case erector and packer machines are some of the most popular types of case packers available in the market. Choosing the right type of case packer can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of the packaging process.


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