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The Function of XQ-FX-128 Case Erector


Case erector is the necessary equipment in packing line, its function is to pick up the case magazine, make it shape and then seal the bottom, so that the workers in the packing line can put product into the case and then transport to case sealer to seal the top. This is the process of basic semi automatic case packing machine, and is the most cost effective choice for early stage factories.


For its easy operation and cost effective, XQ-FX-128 case erector is widely used for many companies with greatly different sizes. It not only can be used separately to pack by hand but also can be connected with robot packing mechanism to pack automatically. Our this XQ-FX-128 case erector also can be customized, if your case dimension over our case range, we can customized according to your case dimension, but the speed can be slower. If its also over our customized range, we have another kind machine for option.



Applicable carton size(L*W*H)

(200-500)*(150-400)*(100-400)mm (Can be customized)

Conveying speed

20 m / min

Equipment size


working speed

5-10 boxes/min,depend on carton size

Power supply

220/380V 50Hz(Alternative use)

Apply pressure


Tape width

48/60/75mm(Alternative use)

Equipment weight


Machine Dimensions

1900 (mm) × 950 (mm) × 1200 (mm)


About the after sales service also is not a problem, we will take case erector testing video before delivery, send you operation video and we also can have video meeting to solve all of your problem all the time. Of course, this machine is very stable and even have no feedback about its machine trouble for so many years.


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