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The Choose of BOPP Film

What is BOPP film?

BOPP film is also known as bidirectional tensile polypropylene film, is made of a variety of polypropylene functional materials for co-extrusion, tensile forming. Domestic manufacturers generally use three layers (A/B/C) co-extrusion technology by bidirectional stretching made of high performance BOPP film, with high transparency and luster sense, non-toxic material, stable molecular structure, odor and moisture have A certain barrier function, so it is the ideal material for cigarette packaging. Now overwrapping machine has been widely used in all walks of life, not only limited to the packaging of cigarettes this product, perfume, food, medicine, skin care products, cosmetics and other industries are also widely used three-dimensional packaging machine, so BOPP film is also widely used in a variety of products. But usually the domestic still used to call the overwrapping machine for cigarette wrapping machine, BOPP film for cigarette film.


Classification of BOPP film:
BOPP film according to its performance and use can be classified as: shrinkage film, ordinary film, anti-counterfeit film, coated strip envelope; According to the packaging requirements of cigarette varieties, cigarette film can be divided into soft and hard box cigarette film, the two have different requirements for cigarette film; According to the packaging specifications can be divided into small bags and strips with film, both performance requirements are different, different customer requirements are different, under normal circumstances, small bags of products can be used as strips, otherwise not necessarily, depending on the specific formula design.



Performance requirements of BOPP film:
The performance requirements of BOPP film: thin thickness, good stiffness; Keep the packing tight and smooth during storage; Excellent antistatic property; Good optical properties; Can spray code, printing; Excellent thermal smoothness and sealing performance, suitable for low, medium and high speed packaging machine; It has the characteristics of anti-red and anti-wrinkle; Has scratch resistance (flower);

The same overwrapping machine, used in different manufacturers, will also have different requirements for the same kind of BOPP film, the reason is that in addition to the packaging requirements of the manufacturer is related to the packaging environment and inventory environment has a great relationship. Humidity and ambient temperature are the key factors affecting the normal use of film. At PRESENT SICI AUTO ACCORDING TO CUSTOMERS DIFFERENT products different packaging requirements, can be customized for customers with different thickness of BOPP film, to meet the needs of customers with different packaging effects.


Selection of BOPP film thickness:
Overwrapping machine can make different packaging effects according to different products of customers, such as point and flat ironing. Under normal circumstances, perfume, tea, face cream and other high-grade skin care products will generally use point-hot packaging, so it needs to be used with a slightly thicker BOPP. Generally, we recommend a thickness of 30-35 microns. Cigarettes, facial masks, food, daily necessities and medicines and other products that need to be packaged will generally use flat ironing packaging, so it needs to be combined with a slightly thinner thickness of BOPP film, usually we recommend the use of 20-25 micron thickness. Different packaging methods using different thickness film can make the machine performance better display, packaging effect can also reach the best state.