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The advantages of shrink wrapping machine


shrink wrapping machine uses shrink film to shrink wrap the product, and then heats it until the shrink film is tightly wrapped on the outside of the product. The packaged product is not only economical, but also environmentally friendly, and can fully reflect the appearance of the product.


Adopting related new technologies

 1, the heat-shrinkable film shrinking machine adopts an electronic working cycle controlled by a microprocessor, a digital control panel on the side of the hood, and can automatically adjust the sealing time and adjust according to the speed of the packaging.

2, The PLC program is used for automatic cycle control, with stable and reliable performance. The imported guide rod cylinder ensures accurate action. durable

3, The film shrinking machine adopts the world's advanced film constant temperature heat sealing technology, the sealing is clear and firm, and it has the fully automatic function of conveying and feeding, bottle unwinding, film wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinking, cooling and shaping.

Advantages of shrink wrapping machine

Advantage 1, It is widely used, and the packaging of common daily necessities, food, and even machinery can be satisfied. Only you can't imagine, there is nothing that can't be packaged.


Advantage 2, simple operation, quick start, low energy consumption, safety and environmental protection; as long as you know the switch button, you can understand the operation, and the heat shrink packaging machine will be accurate and accurate during operation, without wasting any material ; Not only reduces production costs, but also maintains and processes production while reducing losses.


Advantage 3, high efficiency, low cost, mechanized assembly line production method can replace manual packaging, can quickly complete a series of operation processes such as bagging, sealing, product output, and also reduce a lot of labor costs.