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How to select a shrink wrapping machine?

1. You need to determine the shrink film you will use. There are generally three kinds of packaging films, POF, PVC and PE. Generally speaking, PE film is the thickest and is generally used in beverages. pof and pvc are generally used in cosmetics, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes and other items. For these three films, the first two can be shrunk with the same shrinking machine, while the PE film must be shrunk with its own shrinking machine, because the film is thicker and requires a relatively high heating temperature. The price of the PE film shrinking machine is relatively high, and the others are cheaper. The PE film shrinking machine can shrink other films, but the reverse is not possible, because the PE film shrinking machine can reduce the temperature when shrinking other films. The speed is increased, but in turn, not only affects the speed, but the effect is not ideal.


2. You need to determine the form of the items you need to pack. Generally speaking, the packaging form of heat shrink packaging machine is divided into two types, one is fully enclosed type such as L type shrink wrapping machie, and the other is Sleeve type such as sleeve type shrink wrapping machine. The closed type is all wrapped, such as plate-packed milk or cosmetic boxes, and the cuff type is a small opening on both sides, which is generally used for beverages, mineral water, beer, etc. These two shrinking machines are different, so be sure to determine the packaging form of your items.

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3. Determine the size of your packaged items. Whether it is a regular geometry or an irregular shaped item, you need to provide size data. If it is a variety of items of different sizes, you only need to provide the size of the largest and the smallest two items. Different models of shrink wrapping machines have different sizes of shrink tunnel, so you can choose the most suitable one after determining your own size.

4. Packaging speed, that is, the amount of heat shrinkable packages per day or hour. If there is front-end incoming material, just inform the front-end incoming material speed.

5. Consider the load-bearing capacity of the heat shrink packaging machine. According to the different items to be shrunk, the load-bearing capacity of the shrinking machine is also different. Some are up to 20KG and some are 50KG. Therefore, you must pay attention to the problem of load-bearing when purchasing. If the load-bearing is too light, the service life of the machine will be greatly shortened, or even impossible If it is too heavy, the cost will increase.

6. The packaging medium, if it is some corrosive or other chemical properties, requires certain corrosion resistance or wear resistance for the material of the heat shrink packaging machine.

7. Whether semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine or fully automatic shrink wrapping machine is required. A semi-automatic shrinking machine generally has only one shrinking machine. If it is a fully automatic shrinking machine, there is a film sealing and cutting machine in front. Generally, fully automatic machinery is selected.

8. Consider how the product will be heated. The heating methods of the shrinking machine are different, some are quartz tube heating, and some are steel pipe heating. Is the former cheaper and the latter more expensive, but the quartz tube is a wearing part in the shrinking machine, and it is easier to damage, but the steel pipe is not easy. damage.

9. Determine the shrinkage effect that needs to be achieved. If you can, you can send your own samples to the manufacturer to test to see if the effect is ideal.