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Application of Vertical Type Case Packer XQ-ZX755

1. General Introduction

XQ-ZX755 case packer is a series of products with automatic open case forming, automatic folding, packing, back cover functions, single operation, economic and efficient, is a more ideal open box all-in-one machine equipment. This case packer packing product with top loading.


Process diagram


The Whole Machine 3D Diagram


Technical data



Packing Size

(250-550) mm × (200-400) mm × (160-400) mm

Production Capacity

1-5 cases / min

Power Supply

4.5kw 220v/380v 50/60Hz

Working Voltage

220v/380v  50/60HZ

Material Feeding Height


Outlet Height


Available Tape Size


Air Compressure


Machine Weight


Machine Dimensions

L3370 mm ×W2250 mm ×H1900 mm

2. The Application

A vertical type case packer, also known as a vertical case packing machine or vertical cartoner, is a piece of industrial equipment used in various industries for packaging products into cases or cartons. The application of a vertical type case packer involves automating the process of loading products into vertically oriented cases or cartons. Here are some common applications of XQ-ZX755 vertical type case packers:


(1) Food and Beverage Industry:


Packaging snacks, candies, and confectionery items into boxes or cartons.

Filling beverage bottles or containers into cases for shipment.

Packing cereal boxes or other dry food products.


(2) Pharmaceutical Industry:


Packaging blister packs or pharmaceutical bottles into cartons.

Assembling and packaging medical devices.

Packing vials, ampoules, and syringes into cases.


(3) Cosmetics and Personal Care:

Packaging cosmetics, toiletries, and personal care products.

Assembling and packaging skincare product boxes.


(4) Household Goods:


Packing cleaning supplies, detergents, and household items into cartons.

Packaging soap bars, detergent pods, or other cleaning products.


(5) Electronics and Hardware:

Assembling and packaging electronic components.

Packaging small hardware items like screws, nuts, and bolts.


(6) Automotive Industry:

Packing automotive parts and components.

Packaging automotive accessories like filters, bulbs, or spark plugs.


(7) E-commerce and Fulfillment Centers

Automation of the packing process for various products sold online.

Efficiently packing products in e-commerce warehouses.


The primary benefits of using vertical type case packers include increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, improved accuracy in packing, and enhanced product presentation. These machines are capable of handling a wide range of product sizes and configurations, making them versatile in various industries.


Vertical case packing machines are often integrated into automated packaging lines, allowing for seamless product flow from filling stations to the final packing stage. Additionally, they can be equipped with different types of feeding mechanisms, such as conveyors, pick-and-place robots, or gravity-fed systems, depending on the specific packaging requirements of the industry and product being handled.


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