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Application of Cartoning machine TZ60 in Cosmetics


TZ60 cartoning machine is a new product, specially designed for cosmetic products. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, wide application range, high production efficiency, and multi-purpose use of one machine. At the same time, this machine can be used in line with filling machines and overwrapping machine. , to achieve the best results and meet the requirements of production quality management standard - GMP.

Working Method


The products comes from customer’s output conveyor, the auto feeder will pick products from customer’s line to put on our product input conveyor; the the products are detected by sensor,

the carton will sucked to form; the products will be pushed into carton  box; then fold carton flap cover and close the carton box by suck-in or gluing.



a. Easy and simple quick adjustment for size-change, which takes only about 15-30 minutes. The adjustment handles are marked with labels showing its step No. and functions and  equipped with a digital display to help you to record the setting for each product.

b. Suitable for various products such as cosmetic, lotion, cream, washing and care products.

c. No extra cost required for Switching specifications.

d. It is available for products with liner or without liner.

e. Pure mechanical design, stable and efficient.

f. Different automatic feeding methods for various products is Optional

g. Manual or leaflet feeding mechanism is Optional 


Application in Cosmetics


1.Product Insertion

Cartoning machine TZ60 are used to insert various cosmetic products, such as makeup items (lipsticks, eyeshadows), skincare products (creams, lotions), haircare products (shampoos, conditioners), and perfumes, into cartons or boxes. This ensures that individual products are neatly placed and secured within their designated packaging.


2.Multiple Components

Many cosmetic products come with multiple components, such as an outer box containing several inner containers. Cartoning machine TZ60 can handle the assembly and arrangement of these components, ensuring that all parts are correctly placed and oriented within the carton.


3.Custom Packaging

Cosmetic brands frequently release limited edition products or packaging designs. Cartoning machine TZ60 can be adjusted to accommodate various carton sizes and designs, allowing for flexibility in packaging based on product variations.


4.Branding and Marketing

Cartoning machine TZ60 can incorporate features such as printing and labeling to display brand logos, product information, and marketing messages on the cartons. This contributes to consistent branding and enhances the product's shelf appeal.


5.Tamper-Evident Seals

Cosmetics products often require tamper-evident seals for consumer safety and product integrity. Cartoning machine TZ60 can incorporate mechanisms for applying tamper-evident seals or closures to the cartons, ensuring that products are secure until they reach the end user.


6.Efficiency and Speed

Cartoning machine TZ60 automate the carton filling process, significantly increasing the speed and efficiency of packaging operations. This is especially valuable in high-volume cosmetic production environments.


7.Shelf-Ready Packaging

Many retailers prefer to receive products in cartons that are ready for immediate display on store shelves. Cartoning machine TZ60 can create cartons that are designed for easy unpacking and shelf presentation, saving time for retailers.


8.Regulatory Compliance

The cosmetics industry is subject to various regulations and labeling requirements. Cartoning machine TZ60 can be integrated with coding and labeling systems to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


9.Product Protection

Cartons provide protection to cosmetic products during transportation and storage. Cartoning machine TZ60 ensure that products are securely placed within cartons, reducing the risk of damage and maintaining product quality.


10.Tracking and Traceability

Advanced Cartoning machine TZ60 may include technology for tracking and traceability, allowing cosmetics companies to monitor the movement of products through the supply chain.


In summary, Cartoning machine TZ60 play a crucial role in the cosmetics industry by automating the packaging process, ensuring consistent and attractive presentation, and enhancing the overall efficiency of packaging operations. They contribute to maintaining product quality, brand consistency, and compliance with industry regulations.


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