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Advantages Of Case Packer XQ-ZX755


vertical Case packer XQ-ZX755, is a packaging machine that used to load cases vertically with products, all process automatically finished in one machine like open case, products loading, top-bottom sealing with tape. If you need to pack products quickly, a case packer is definitely something that your business should consider. It is wildly used in cosmetics, medicine, healthcare, commodity, etc.

 It  is designed to pick up product from an infeed conveyor and insert, by a vertical movement into American cases. Vertical case packing is the preferred choice for unstable products that have higher chances of slipping.

 Widely used in product in cartons, pouches, standup pouches, bags for Food, beverage, Stationery, Pharma, Cosmetics industires. etc.



◆Compact design, suitable for limit space of plan layout.

◆Automatic product feeding, stacking, case forming, case loading and sealing.

◆Top loading solution, with simple structure and easy operation.

◆Putting subplate is optional.

◆Case packing with Single-layer or multi-layer products.

◆Available for various products.

◆Easy to make adjustment for size-change.

◆Putting Leaflet Manual is optional

◆Non-standard customization is acceptable.



 Case Packer XQ-ZX755 is a machine used in various industries to automate the packaging process by placing products into cases or boxes. It plays a crucial role in optimizing efficiency, reducing labor costs, and ensuring the safe and consistent packaging of products. Here are some common applications of Case packer XQ-ZX755 across different industries:


Food and Beverage Industry:


Bottling: Case packer XQ-ZX755 is used to pack bottles of beverages, sauces, or condiments into boxes.

Canned Goods: They can pack canned food items like fruits, vegetables, or soups.

Snack Foods: Case packer XQ-ZX755 is employed to package bags of chips, snacks, or candies into cartons.

Dairy: Products like yogurt cups or cheese blocks can be packed using Case packer XQ-ZX755.

Pharmaceutical Industry:


Packaging Medications: Pharmaceuticals use Case packer XQ-ZX755 to pack bottles, vials, blister packs, or syringes into boxes for distribution.

Medical Devices: Medical device manufacturers can use Case packer XQ-ZX755 for efficient packaging of items such as syringes, catheters, or surgical instruments.

E-commerce and Retail:


Fulfillment Centers: Case packer XQ-ZX755 play a role in preparing orders for shipment by placing items into shipping boxes.

Subscription Boxes: Companies that offer subscription boxes use Case packer XQ-ZX755 to assemble and pack products for each subscription.

Consumer Goods:


Household Products: Case packer XQ-ZX755 is used to package items like detergent bottles, cleaning supplies, or personal care products.

Electronics: Electronics manufacturers use Case packer XQ-ZX755 to package devices, cables, and accessories.

Automotive Industry:


Spare Parts: Case packer XQ-ZX755 is used to package automotive parts and components for distribution to dealerships and repair shops.

Agriculture and Agribusiness:


Produce: Fruits and vegetables can be efficiently packed into crates or boxes using Case packer XQ-ZX755.

Animal Feed: Case packer XQ-ZX755 can handle bags of animal feed, making it easier for distribution.

Building Materials:


Tiles and Flooring: Case packer XQ-ZX755 can pack tiles, flooring materials, or construction supplies into boxes.

Chemical Industry:


Chemicals and Solvents: Case packer XQ-ZX755 can package containers of various chemicals and solvents into boxes for distribution.

Textile and Apparel Industry:


Clothing: Garments can be folded, sorted, and packed into boxes using Case packer XQ-ZX755.

Cosmetics Industry:


Makeup and Skincare: Case packer XQ-ZX755 can automate the packaging of cosmetic products like makeup palettes, skincare sets, or perfume bottles.

The primary benefits of using Case packer XQ-ZX755 in these applications include increased production efficiency, reduced labor costs, improved product safety, and consistency in packaging quality. Additionally, Case packer XQ-ZX755 can handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes, making them versatile machines in various industries

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