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The whole line of SICIAUTO packaging appeared at the China International Beauty Expo!

The whole line of SICIAUTO packaging appeared at the China International Beauty Expo!

In the spring of March, the China International Beauty Expo was unveiled in Guangzhou. With an exhibition area of 30+ square meters and a scale of 30+ exhibition halls, it promotes the high-quality development of the beauty industry with new ideas and new attitudes. There are long queues at the entrances and renewal offices of more than a dozen venues, and the three major exhibition areas of ABC are full of people. The industry's elites talk about the innovation and development of the supply chain and the future.


On the first day of the launch, everyone was overwhelmed with popularity! The scene is crowded with people, exchanges and negotiations are strong, personal care raw materials exhibition, innovative raw materials, technologies and products echo the content of the forum, and diversification leads the integration and innovation of resources in the beauty industry.


  Leading smart factory concept

Time is the filter of precipitation. SICIAUTO has always raced against time with advanced manufacturing concepts. It has focused on customized packaging lines for many years. It has leading research and development experience in smart factory equipment, integrates outstanding smart manufacturing resources, and applies future smart factory concepts to products. In addition to services, this exhibition brought many star products in the whole line of packaging.



Pragmatic product attitude

It is SICIAUTO's customized packaging line that always adheres to high efficiency and high value. The entire back-end packaging line, the automatic production line of facial mask, the automatic packaging line of cream and milk, automatic folding box packing machine, cigarette packing machine, weighing and rejecting machine, labeling machine, sealing packing machine, cigarette packing film, software control, code A series of products such as palletizing robots have gained wide industry reputation over the years, and a large number of professional visitors came to the SICIAUTO exhibition hall after hearing the news to communicate and consult the whole line of customized products related issues.



In the beginning year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", this year's Beauty Expo will make full use of resource advantages, further innovate the layout of the exhibition, and expand the vision of the exhibition with integration. SICIAUTO will continue to intensively cultivate the entire packaging line and build smart factories for the continuity of the industry. Inject high-quality power into development!