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Top 10 Reasons of Using Shrink Wrapping Machine


Shrink Wrapping Machine or Heat shrinkable film machine is one of the more common packaging methods on the market. It uses shrink film to wrap the product or package outside, and then heats it to shrink the packaging material and wrap the product or package tightly. Today, I will specifically introduce top 10 Reasons of Using Shrink Wrapping Machine

1. Fully display the appearance of the item, improve the displayability of the item, so as to increase the beauty and sense of value

2. At the same time, the packaged product can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, and protect the product from external impact, and has a certain buffering property, especially when it is packaged with utensils, it can prevent the product from scattering when it is broken. Reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen



3. The shrink film generates a certain tension when it shrinks, so it can wrap a group of items to be packaged tightly and play the role of bundling with ropes. It is especially suitable for the collection of multiple items and pallet packaging.

4. The appearance is beautiful and close to the product, so it is also called body packaging, suitable for various shapes of product packaging.


5. Good protection, if the inner packaging of shrink packaging is combined with the transport packaging hanging on the outer packaging, it can have better protection.



6. Good cleaning performance, especially suitable for packaging of precision instruments and high-end electronic components;

7. Good anti-theft, a variety of foods can be packed together with a large shrink film to avoid loss



8. Good transparency, customers can directly see the product content;

9. It has been widely used in fast food, ceramic products, tea sets, mechanical parts and other fields

10. It is of great significance to use the combination of heat shrinkable film and vapor-phase anti-rust technology to replace anti-rust oil in military machinery and hardware tools to enhance anti-rust ability.

Also, Heat shrinkable film is also the protector of construction and transportation materials. It is suitable for the packaging of multiple products and the packaging with pallets, which is convenient for transportation and sales, easy to realize mechanization, save labor and material resources, and can partially replace carton and wooden box packaging. It can be used for various bottled beer and beverage labels, which can reduce the process of removing labels and facilitate recycling and reuse. It can be used for bottled beer instead of strapping rope packaging to prevent bottled beer from exploding and hurting people


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