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Three new trends in cosmetic packaging in 2021

Three new trends in cosmetic packaging in 2021

Cross-industry joint name, highlighting interesting and topical

In the past two years, there have been endless cross-border joint incidents in the beauty industry.

Many people say that routines have been played badly. Although the cross-border co-branding method is no longer worth touting, but for the appearance of cosmetics packaging, it is indeed a shortcut to achieve creativity, and it can also be quickly grasped. Consumers' attention, the thousands of unions between different things mean that almost limitless possibilities can be created.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging

In recent years, with the prevalence of the beauty economy, the demand for beauty products has risen sharply. The global cosmetics market share exceeded US$500 billion in 2019, which contains the consumption of indispensable packaging resources. The environmental sustainability of the brand poses a challenge. More and more beauty brands are paying more attention to the sustainable development of the environment while pursuing product sales.

Environmental protection is the most discussed topic today. Nowadays, a large number of young Chinese consumers have become more and more aware of environmental protection. In order to express their support for environmental protection and their contributions and behaviors to environmental protection, they Will be happy to buy such cosmetics.

According to foreign reports, some brands have developed a technology that uses bacterial cellulose to make plastic instead of packaging paper for cosmetics. Bacterial cellulose, also known as "microbial cellulose", has relatively good biocompatibility and degradability, and is a cutting-edge technology to reduce environmental pollution.

Environmentally-friendly packaging is an inevitable trend in the development of cosmetic packaging, and it is also an important technology for cosmetic brands to enhance their competitiveness. In the future, environmental protection will play a huge role in the competitiveness of cosmetics brands.

Antiviral packaging is the trend

According to public reports and incomplete statistics, since July, my country has repeatedly found new coronaviruses on imported frozen food packaging. Studies have shown that viruses survive best on plastic surfaces. Under normal environmental conditions, viruses that can only survive for three hours in the air can survive on plastic for about three days.

With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, consumers will worry that the products they come into contact with are not clean, and cosmetics are no exception. Therefore, anti-viral packaging may become a trend.