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Three main ways of cartoning

There are three main ways of cartoning to pack products into carton:


1. Manual Cartoning method

Manual cartoning is the simplest method of cartoning, which does not require equipment investment and maintenance costs, but is slow, labor productivity is low, and product packaging that requires high food hygiene conditions is likely to cause microbial contamination, so it is generally used under modern large-scale production conditions. Not used.


2. Semi-automatic cartoning method

In the semi-automatic cartoning method, the operator cooperates with the cartoning machine to complete the cartoning and packaging, and the box taking, printing, opening, back sealing, lid sealing, etc. are completed by the machine, and the product boxing is usually done manually.


The structure of the semi-automatic cartoning machine is relatively simple, but the type and size of the carton can be changed. It is relatively easy to adjust the machine after changing the variety. Product varies. Some semi-automatic cartoning machines are used to pack a group of products, such as small bags of tea, coffee, soups and condiments and other foods. Each box can hold 10 to 20 packs, and the cartoning speed is matched with the bag filling machine. Relatively, it takes a long time for each box to be loaded, so the machine operates intermittently. It automatically puts small bags of products into the box and counts them. After the box is filled, it automatically rotates, rotates the empty box, removes the full box and seals the cover. It is completed by manual operation, and the general production speed is 50-70 sachets/min (1 sachet each time), or 100-140 sachets/min (2 sachets each time), and it is configured with a small bag making and filling bag filling machine.


Most of the semi-automatic cartoning machines are vertical, and most products are filled manually.


3. Fully automatic cartoning method

In the fully automatic cartoning method, except for placing the blanks in the blank storage rack of the machine, the rest of the processes are completed by the machine, which is called fully automatic cartoning. The production speed of the common cartoning machine is generally 40-100 boxes/min, and the price is reasonable and cost-effective. The production speed of the pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine is very high, generally 500-600 boxes/min, and the ultra-high speed can reach 1000 boxes/min. However, this type of equipment has large investment, complex machine structure, high technical requirements for operation and maintenance, and restricted product types and size ranges, so it is not as flexible as semi-automatic or ordinary cartoning machines in this regard, and is generally suitable for large-scale cartoning and packaging of a single variety.