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Personalized customization in the field of intelligent manufacturing, challenges and opportunities coexist

Intelligent manufacturing is a system that utilizes the integration of manufacturing technology with digital technology, intelligent technology and next-generation information technology, and is oriented towards information perception, optimization, decision-making, and control execution of the entire product life cycle. , Safe and agile manufacturing of products and service users. The contents of intelligent manufacturing include intelligent equipment, intelligent design process, optimization of processing technology, enterprise management informationization, and remote service informationization.

Intelligentization is called the fourth industrial revolution after mechanization, electrification, and digitization. From the original energy-driven type to the information-driven type is very common in the door and window industry. This includes information acquisition equipment, control equipment, processing equipment and logistics equipment. In the production workshop, the production system includes intelligent production lines, intelligent workshops and intelligent factories. In addition, it also covers the entire process from the supply chain to the entire production service intelligence through the Internet and the Internet of Things technology.


Intelligence also promotes the realization of large-scale manufacturing, especially the emergence of flexible production technology, which enables production to track information in real time, realize the production of multiple varieties and types, and provide a good solution for mass customization.

The advantages of large-scale production and customized production are combined, and the advantages of large-scale production are used for personalized production of multiple varieties. The core of intelligent manufacturing is to connect consumers with producers, factories, and processing equipment with information systems, which can reduce production efficiency costs through automated decisions. This change has broken through the traditional manufacturing model and the manufacturing way of thinking, so it has attracted the attention of the entire manufacturing industry.

The creation of large-scale personalized customized smart factories gives customers more personalized choices. From the design stage to the production of finished products, users can participate in the whole process, which stimulates the user's enthusiasm for purchase and satisfies a considerable number of consumers who have a need for a sense of design. In addition, after the product is completed, a strong logistics network built by the consumer Internet era is delivered to customers through outsourced logistics companies, which solves the enterprise's warehousing problem, reduces the company's operating costs, and thus reduces the price of customized products.

In short, this change in demand is both a challenge and an opportunity for enterprises. The intelligent road of a large-scale personalized customized smart factory is an overall and comprehensive intelligent solution practice including intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent marketing!