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NewType Cartoning Machine with Liner

New Type Cartoning Machine with Liner

Wuxi Sici Auto research this new type cartoning machine with liner independently, it's speed can reach 60pcs/min and can reach feeding bottle and liner automatically.


Product Function and Features of Cartoning Machine

1. The feeding port and the discharging port of products with inner support and without inner support are in the same position; the feeding timing belt adopts two timing belts staggered to adjust the size, the timing belt is a white steel core PU polyurethane material timing belt, the material is scratch-resistant and not deformed.

2. The inner support adopts a one-piece long corrugated paper inner support form, which is convenient to pack and has a stable effect.

3. The gap between the inner tray and the carton can be less than 2mm according to the requirements of cosmetic products.

4. The main drive adopts the cam structure, and the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation of the main motor's running speed.

5. Data sharing OPC protocol, programmable controller PLC is used to realize automatic program control. For example, whether the product is delivered, whether the carton is opened or not, must be automatically detected and controlled. Automatic counting and display of boxed finished products; safety protection of automatic debugging; fault display and protection; main motor torque overload protection.

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