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New Location And A New Journey, SICIAUTO Headquarters Moved Smoothly!

On December 20, 2020, all employees of Wuxi SICIAUTO. held a headquarters relocation celebration. All members of SICIAUTO, industry colleagues, new and old customers attended together to witness this historic moment for SICIAUTO.


SICIAUTO moved to Plainvim International Industrial Park, a domestic first-class international modern industrial park, to provide sufficient technical support, project support, and talent support for the long-term development of the equipment manufacturing industry in the region. Establish industrial bases for port machinery, oil drilling machinery, metallurgical equipment, construction machinery, automobiles, and shipbuilding. It is believed that a better hardware and software environment will help SICIAUTO Intelligence to seize opportunities, seek innovation and win the future!


SICIAUTO General Manager Wang Mao said that since its establishment, Wuxi SICIAUTO has harvested a group of good employees who "take SICIAUTO as their home" and take this opportunity to express sincere respect to all employees and their families.



There is no worries about using SICIAUTO products, which has gradually become the consensus of our customers. The company is mainly engaged in the final packaging line, the automatic production line of facial mask, the automatic packaging line of cream and milk, automatic folding box packing machine, cigarette packing machine, weighing and rejecting machine, labeling machine, sealing packing machine, cigarette packing film, three-dimensional Film, shrink film, customized easy tear line, pull line.


The move to a new location heralds SICIAUTO's bright future. The company will always adhere to the values of integrity, responsibility, service, quality and dedication, and work hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life, with higher requirements, solid work, pioneering and innovative, and transform first-class software and hardware into first-class management and development Performance, first-class brand image, create excellence and strive for the first.


2020 is an extraordinary year. SICIAUTO is based on a new starting point and achieves new heights. In the future, SICIAUTO will be based on the new site, not forgetting its original intention, adhering to the mission of SICIAUTO, and moving forward with dreams!