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Have you upgraded your equipement to reduce costs and increase efficiency?


The Cosmoprof Asia in Hongkong on November 12-15 arrived on schedule.

As one of the three major world finance centers, Hong Kong has always enjoyed a high reputation in the world. The Cosmoprof Asia is an important gateway to the Asia-Pacific region. It is an influential B2B beauty exhibition. It is a global trend of the beauty industry, innovative concepts, market information and regulations.


General manager Mr. MAO WANG of SICIAUTO, is still expected about Cosmoprof Asia Hongkong held as schedule, although there are too many unknowns in this exhibition.


Mr. MAO WANG believes that attending the Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Exhibition is one of the small steps for SICIAUTO to explore the international market. He hopes that SICIAUTO could keep up with the development of the country and move toward the era of China's 2025 Industry 4.0.



SICIAUTO keeps strong confidence and courage replying on the strength of its technological innovation achievements. It is reported that SICIAUTO currently has a first-class designer team in the domestic automation industry, and also has a number of patented technology applications such as patents for case unpacking-boxing-seal machine, automatic cartoning machine, automatic cellophane wrapping machine, etc.


In addition, SICIAUTO headquartered in the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake in Wuxi where there are more than 200 companies of world top 500 settled. With resources of the largest stainless steel market in East China, and a large number of spare parts processing and processing enterprises, the industrial atmosphere in Wuxi is natural and strong.


Solve Automation and Versatility Problems by Technological Innovation

Mr. MAO WANG believes that the most common problem in the cosmetics industry is the versatility, and SICIAUTO has greatly shortened the time of size-change and widen the versatility of the equipments.


For example, the daily packing capacity of a single product packing line is up to 50pcs/min, and the packing capacity of mask packaging line is more than that number. Moreover, automatic packing machines can save a lot of labor costs. The workload of one packing line originally requires to be done by 15 persons , while it requires only 3-4 persons by automatic packing machines.


 In addition, SICIAUTO is currently taking over some projects of cosmetics packaging lines after filling process, including automatic feeding, counting,  weighing rejection, boxing, labeling, coding ,wrapping, visual inspection, QR code and anti-counterfeiting code data acquisition, case packing, case edge sealing, large box weighing and labeling, robot palletizing and other packing processes etc.

SICIAUTO keeps constantly innovating and continuously increasing investment in technology research and development. Mr. MAO WANG said that we will take more opportunities for technology to go out and introduce technology.


In the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, what we could win by in the future? Mr. MAO WANG believes that it is quality and service.


We believes that product quality, product details and meticulous service matter the most in the future for traditional manufacturing. So we always put product quality and service first


Put Quality and Service First

In order to make a quick respond to the needs of customers in the Pearl River Delta region,  SICIAUTO set offices in Guangzhou, so that our staff are on call 24 hours a day to provide services on site. In addition, we also have a team for foreign trade  business, to provide customers with language barrier-free communication,and we specially make machine operation videos with Chinese and English titles for more considerate service.

 In order to ensure the quality of the equipment, SICIAUTO R&D TEAM has 8 design engineers, and the lead engineer has more than 20 years of experience in the automation equipment industry. In addition, it is reported that its cartoning machine can realize the one-key switch for with/without liner, which is the first application for that in China.


Even so, facing an increasingly difficult industry environment and severe challenges in the future; Mr. MAO WANG said although SICIAUTO is continuously developing and growing, there are still many things to do in the future. He hopes that SICIAUTO could make a difference in the cosmetics packaging line and becomes the first echelon of cosmetics automation equipment manufacturers in 5 years.