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2021 The 5th China Cosmetics International Summit Forum

2021 The 5th China Cosmetics International Summit Forum

2021 is a year of transformation in the cosmetics industry. From the comprehensive tightening of regulatory policies that led to the "cold" end of the supply chain to the "fighting" of capital assisting the brand end, the industry ecosystem is undergoing reconstruction.

Under the high standards of the new regulations, the industry is facing strict supervision and major reshuffle, and the concentration of the industry has also increased. It is foreseeable that the industry will develop in the general direction of high-level, high-quality, and internationalization in the future.


On September 27-28, 2021, the China Beauty Supply Chain Exhibition (iPDM2021) and the Fifth China (Huangpu·South Beauty Valley) Cosmetics International Summit Forum co-sponsored by China Beauty Network and Guangdong Cosmetics Society will be held in Guangzhou· The Pazhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center kicked off.


iPDM2021 will have 8 sub-forums focusing on raw material innovation, biotechnology, care and fragrance, digital new retail, cosmetics creativity, packaging and design, etc. sub-forums will be held at the same time, focusing on hot technology topics and trends, and exploring the beauty industry. The way to high-quality development


At the scene, a technical group composed of academicians, professors, doctors, and senior engineers of the Academy of Sciences gathered for academic exchanges; more than 10 new marketing observers shared the latest trend insights; 350+ high-quality supply chain companies competed on the same stage, each exhibiting directors ; 20,000+ audiences including engineers, product managers, purchasing specialists, brand founders, corporate executives, and heads of live e-commerce companies gathered to talk about development. They have brought us different voices from multiple dimensions such as factories, brands, policies, regulations, technology, marketing, and new retail.

The much-anticipated China Beauty Supply Chain (iPDM) awards ceremony has always been hailed as the vane of the development of China's beauty supply chain industry. At the dinner party, the major awards were announced one by one. It was not only an announcement of the list, but also a beautiful transformation and a coronation that transcended time.



The release of the "2021 Top 100 Chinese Beauty Manufacturers" list aims to redefine supply chain standards through the power of benchmarking, and play a clear cognition and guiding role for supply chain optimization. At the same time, it also allows everyone to have an authoritative and practical list guide when choosing a manufacturer partner to promote the high-quality development of the beauty manufacturing industry.



SICIAUTO won wide recognition from the industry and customers with its high-quality equipment and technology, and won the only equipment award of 2021IPDM "2021iPDM Equipment Moxing Award"