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The Application of Checkweigher

图片3.pngCheckweigher can be used in a variety of industries, such as all kinds of food, medicine, chemical, beverage, plastic, rubber and other industries.


Main functions of checkweigher:

1) Full container testing: missing parts testing, missing bags testing, missing boxes testing, missing bottles testing, missing cans testing, missing bags testing, etc.;

2) Underweight and overweight detection of packaged products; Check for missing accessories in packaging, such as instructions, accessories, gifts, desiccant and other accessories.


The working process of the checkweigher is as follows:

Weighing preparation
The product enters the feed conveyor, and the speed setting of the feed conveyor is generally determined by the spacing of the product and the required speed. The purpose is to ensure that there is only one product on the scale during the process of checking the scale.


Ø Weighing process
When the product enters the weighing conveyor, the system recognizes the product to be detected entering the weighing area according to external signals, such as photoelectric switch signals or internal level signals. According to the running speed of the weighing conveyor and the length of the conveyor, or according to the level signal, the system can determine the time for the product to leave the weighing conveyor. From the product entering the weighing platform to leaving the weighing platform, the weighing sensor will detect the weight signal, and the controller selects the signal in the signal stability region for processing, and the weight of the product can be obtained.


Sorting process
When the controller gets the weight signal of the product, the system will compare it with the pre-set weight range and carry out product sorting. The type of sorting will vary according to different applications.


Mainly used in the following situations:


1. Final inspection of product weight
Recheck the weight of the product at the final stage of production and remove the unqualified product to ensure that the weight of the product meets the requirements. This helps to ensure the interests of both consumers and manufacturers. Consumers will not suffer losses because of a lack of weight, and manufacturers will not suffer reputation damage because of customer complaints or even complaints.

2. Feedback control
In addition to providing the weight signal of the product, the https://www.siciauto.com/check-weigher/  can also exclude unqualified products in accordance with the difference between the average weight and the nominal weight output feedback signal to the packing and filling equipment, automatically adjust the average weight to make the sum of the set weight consistent, so as to reduce the production cost. For example, the weight of each pack of milk powder is 450 grams. Without using a checkweigher, the average weight of the package should be 453 grams to ensure that the weight of the product reaches the standard. Using automatic feedback control of weight check, the average weight can reach 450 grams. If 10,000 packs are produced every day, 30,000 grams can be saved every day and 10.8 tons can be saved every year. If the price of medium infant milk powder in the market is 15 yuan per pack, 360,000 yuan can be saved every year.

3. Product missing inspection
For products containing small packages in a large package, such as beverage boxes, large bags containing multiple bags of products in the occasion, due to equipment or personnel factors, there will be product loss. The use of checkweigher to check the weight of large packages can ensure that there will be no missing products in the large packages. For example, there are 24 bottles of beverage in each case. The normal weight of each case is certain. If you check the weight of each case, you can find whether there is any leakage.


4. Separate and classify
Automatic classification of products with uneven weight. For example, the chicken manufacturers to divide the size of the chicken leg into a number of weight range, can be used to check the weight of each chicken wing automatic weighing, and the weight signal sent to PLC, PLC according to the range of the corresponding push plate will drive the chicken wings to the corresponding box, so as to complete the purpose of automatic classification.

The above applications are some routine applications of checking weight, weighing separator can also be used in military, newspaper and many other industries. The United States used a weighing scale to check the weight of each bullet, because the weight of the bullet affects the trajectory of the bullet. In addition, checkweigher can also be used to count newspapers when they are distributed. The number of newspapers may not be correct when they are printed and bundled, and the total number distributed to various areas may not be accurate. The use of checkweigher for counting is fast and accurate, which can save a lot of manpower.